Wallpaper - Alice + Eloise

Wallpaper - Alice + Eloise


Two identical twin girls living in Northern California. 

These sisters were born with the sun, moon and stars swimming happily above them. I fell in love the moment they were born and am in awe of their energy and presence. When they look into my eyes and smile, I feel like I am seeing cosmic angelic light. I was convinced we were soul sisters the moment four year old Alice ran to her room to grab a book on crystals to read to her. We looked and read through this science journal as if it were a story book. 

Christina has nurtured their spirits by immersing them in art, nature, music and dance. I have loved following their artistic adventures when their mama throws paper, pens and paint on the ground outside for them to play with. I am delighted to launch wallpaper from one of their otherworldly creations. 

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