The Rosebud Homestead

Barn 2.jpg

A Residency Program in Roscoe, Montana. Situated in a Red Barn sitting within the Bear tooth Mountains. 

Expanding and opening portals within ourselves 

Fashioned upon the ideologies that initiated Girl From The West, on-site residencies and retreats will offer participants the opportunities to tap in and trigger beneficial attributes of themselves, as well as the collective conscious, which expands in synchronicity with our individual life forces and in perpetuity with the Earth. 

(More philosophical thoughts needed and perhaps, a loose timeline of when residencies and retreats will begin.   RE:  Beginning in the Spring of 2019, following the completion of a two year building project, will 

From teachers and coaches, shamans and monks, artists and creative entrepreneurs, to wellness influencers and spiritual leaders from around the world 

10% of the proceeds from your purchases on Girl from the West will go toward a scholarship for one individual each year. We will set up a section with updates so that you can follow your support.