Artists on my mind

There are five weeks until I open my show in LA and I am definitely still in the thick of making the work. I have been trying to take a simple self-portrait for two weeks now in West Marin but today, it is going to happen smack dab in the city of SF. The idea I have is so simple. Dark and Light. Yesterday, these three artists were on my mind.

Francesca Woodman, Anthony Goicolea and Thomas Demand.

Francesca Woodman is a self-portrait artist working with a hauntingly beautiful simplicity that I try to consider with my own self-portrait. I also think these photos are experimental and playful which is always good for me to remember.

Anthony Goicolea also works in self-portraiture photography but I LOVE this drawing he made. I am making a piece with feathers from West Marin so this drawing inspires.

The third artist, Thomas Demand is a German artist who constructs fantastic installations out of cardboard and paper and then photographs them. The places or objects usually have a historical or political significance and a story behind them. However,  what I loved about hearing him speak while in Grad school was his devotion to going back to memories from childhood when he began this incredible work. Thomas folds into many realms for me when I consider the future of art and photography as a practice.

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