Signs and Symbolism

This morning on a walk, out of the clear blue sky, a balloon came blowing straight toward me. At first, as it was way up in the sky, I thought is was a whale but then realized it was a giant shark. There was no one around. This thing came out of nowhere. OK, yes, I pray for and do strongly believe in signs and this was pretty symbolic of where I am right now in life... in a completely positive way.  My parents dog, Mr. Magoo was terrified.

Amongst many things, a shark symbolizes, "forward momentum, self trust, survival and progress in it's most assertive stages." I am letting go of fears I have held on to for way too long and by God, if a shark balloon flies into my life today, I will take it as a confirmation that I am doing the work I need to be doing. As a dear friend wrote to me this week, "Things will always work out, as you let them."