Some weeks are just off and this has been one of them. Rather than fight it, I am resting, staring at the clouds, listening to the rain fall outside, running and reaching out to friends. I spend a lot of time alone during the day and sometimes it can get lonely. Other times, I love it. I get loads of advice that I should teach, find a work co-op etc. By nature, I am a loner and will teach when I am ready. The best teachers I had were those who had done a lot of living in the art world. Being alone either in my apartment, walking around all day with no plan or sitting in my studio with books and a journal are the times ideas begin to come to me. I am planning a new project about something incredibly different from what I have ever done before. I sold some work recently (my first two paintings and a few photographs) so I am able to fund the piece. I am lucky. Little things like this crazy light in my hallway I had never seen before, encourages me to stop and look. It puts me into a momentary state of reverie. I encourage myself to take photos of the mundane yet beautiful for no reason at all. It is healthy creative exercise my teachers always told me to keep practicing.

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