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I had to stop at this psychic as I was walking from Soho to Chelsea. I actually really want to do a project on visits to Psychics but its gonna cost some dinero. I went in and asked how much for a reading. She said 40 and I said no. She then said 20 and I said yes. I got all sorts of psychic wisdom but somehow ended up paying 50 dollars when I left with a rose quartz in hand which I am supposed to meditate with. She read me a mile away as the most gullible girl in America. on to the art...

The above exhibition at Marianne Boesky Gallery was far and away the most exciting work I saw all weekend. I walked into the gallery from the back not knowing who the artist was. I did hope it was the woman hanging from the ceiling doing these strange snake like movements with her tongue. Pier is in fact a male artist originally from Bologna, Italy.

The image above is a piece I saw at the NADA(new art dealers association) art fair by Anton LeibermanThe painting above is by the artist Glen Fogel. His dealer at Calicoon Fine Arts took some time to tell us about these notes Glen received from women and then paints. He also told us that he helped Glen install a Cadillac Sevile into his smallish gallery space by tearing down the front of the gallery. It sounded really cool and the gallery who enables this, even cooler.

naked man in a gallery booth. of course this happened

[wpvideo K3fOeuk8]

Photograph and video above from Thomas Demand's most recent body of work at Matthew Marks Gallery. The material is all constructed with paper and then photographed. I love this artist.

I walked down from Chelsea to the West Village and had to show my sister this sweet little courtyard.

Lots of art and charm but the above may always be New Yorks' lasting signature.