San Francisco's Tsunami Route

On the drive over to my studio this afternoon, I noticed some signs along the road for the first time. They read, 'Tsunami Evacuation Route'. I had thought about a Tsunami in San Francisco and am now again obsessing about when and if it will happen in my lifetime. It is a terrifying thought but so are earthquakes, getting eaten by a shark ( image is possibly a tuna but close enough) or hit by a stupid person texting while driving. Also, the statistics on people driving while drunk is insane. A friend told me yesterday that he got a man who was driving down a one way street to stop and quickly realized he was tripping on Acid...this is a scary yet funny long story. (image below from a show this week at Luggage Store Gallery)For reasons probably starting with hearing a talk on death in the beginning of the week, I have been spinning a weird web in my mind. I lived in New York during 9-11, London for the bombings and was in India for two months during the bombing in Mumbai. At times, maybe my premonition and imagination can get tied up into some confused knots. Tonight in my space on the 41st floor overlooking the city and the Bay, I thought the clouds looked overwhelmingly auspicious. The wind was howling and the water was glowing. I then heard it snowed in Tahoe today. What is happening?  Because I was getting seriously paranoid as I tried to paint (the image above is from the series I am just beginning on India), I decided it was best to go home and have my last meal be the most insane desert I could think of. Sugar and butter took all my fears away.