First Days of Summer in Lake Tahoe

Driving up to Lake Tahoe in my pickup truck aka. the Silver Peso Sexi Mexi. Ritual-Cool ranch chips and a burger at Ikedas. Waking up in the middle of the night staring at a clear dark sky full of stars, walking to the lake to swim. I like to do this ritual I learned in India. Plunge three times. once for God, once for myself and...I cant remember the third..I usually choose someone I love or for peace. If there is ever a large body of water around me, I jump in. the freezing water wakes me up in every way. I am such a hippie at heart. I read about a festival this month in Tahoe called Wanderlust and discovered MC YOGI posted below. It is a yogi fest and I am not a yogi but I just might go. I guess I am the last to know of Matisyahu but i love his sweet music posted below as well. MC Yogi is hilarious and I am mixing him in while i do some commissioned paintings from my work in India. HAPPY SUMMER to those of us in the Northern Hemisphere!!!! Below are some snaps I took wandering around the West Shore. Taking photos just for fun helps me breathe.


Matisyahu- One Day