I have been obsessively working on some little paintings I was commissioned to do for Gumps.  Gumps is a classic store in San Francisco which sells super gorgeous bits of everything. This is not a normal venue for me but I fell in love with the director who I met at an opening and asked me if I could contribute to his exhibit on India. I thought why not try to do something with my little Polaroids from my time in India in 2009. I have been painting on their surface and very slowly learning, less is more. I will be working on these until I turn them in Monday morning I am sure. I keep printing, painting, painting too much and re printing. Here are some examples of one of the pieces. the big gold band is when I went way too far. bummer because these little suckers take hours and hours. I will show the finals next week.

The artist's way seems to be very often inspired by the very last-minute. I have a cartoon of an artist following the man carrying his canvas into the museum with paint and brush in hand....still painting the canvas as it is on his back.

The actor Jason Schwartzman was on Fresh Air talking about writing the theme song for Bored to Death. He wrote it the night before it was due for HBO while he had in fact been saying he was working on it for months. I love this show! There is something hilarious about watching people act stoned and ridiculous. Zach Galifianakis and Ted Danson steal the show.