Obsessed and Amazing

                                                             Chambers at The Phoenix Hotel in SF Obsessed and amazing are two words which are completely overused in my universe. I hear myself, my friends and read blogs using these two words all the time. I am going to expand my vocabulary because I can barely talk anymore without sounding like a valley girl or I  am speaking in tongue. I took this photograph below with my phone. Note: the head of International Center for Photography in New York kinda joked with a half truth that the future of photography is an Iphone. I will never forget that.

I am obsessed, or rather, infatuated, gripped and possessed with this photo of my friends' baby Sam. I think it is amazing, or rather, remarkable, incredible, mind-blowing and astonishing because it is taken with the harshest of light I am usually never attracted to.

I immediately thought of a piece I had just read about an exhibit on the photographer Helmut Newton. Three photographers influenced by his work pay tribute at Art Center College of Design. George Holz who apprenticed with Helmut Newton said that he "loves direct, raw and unfiltered sunlight and how it sculpts the body."  I am re thinking my obsession, I mean, fixation on late afternoon warm light. This sexy photo below is by George Holz.

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