"Extreme Dream"

This morning I heard about Diana Nyad who was attempting to swim from Cuba to Florida at 62 years old for the fourth time. She was stung by jellyfish and surrounded in a circle of sharks. She had to end her attempt but is hoping to inspire us to pursue our dreams. She called this swim her "extreme dream".This photograph of myself diving off of the rocks in Havana, Cuba is stuck to my bedroom mirror. It reminds me of where I was at 23 years old. I decided on a whim to apply for a job working for the Maine Photographic Workshops in Cuba. I knew little about what I was getting into except that I would be assisting some exceptionally inspiring photographers for four months in a place I was dying to see. It was the first time I dove into a dream. Twelve years later, I look at this photograph to remind myself to pursue my dreams with that same lack of fear and sheer excitement. Regardless of the inevitable and painful stings and bites, my extreme dreams are still hoping to be fulfilled….