Creative Blocks

Taylor De Cordoba, the gallery who I show with in Los Angeles has asked me to be a part of an incredible art fair this December in Miami.  I have been attempting to make a new body of work as an extension of what I began last Fall. I must admit that I have kept myself heavily distracted with other parts of my how to afford to live as an artist. The process must begin by actualizing the ideas I have been journaling and circling around for months. I am a bit stuck and scared to be honest. I have seen myself do this before. I begin by completely over thinking the process and getting stuck in my head. It is counter intuitive and it is ending today. My week in Big Sur was lonely but significant. I like to think I can handle a week alone in the deep valley but it is was a little crazy. I had this huge crystal I was trying to play with in my work. If you believe in that shit, that piece of powerful glass shifted my feelings upside down. I didn't even think of it until my fellow Northern Californian pointed out the possibility. You never know.....whatever the reason, feeling super uneasy has rattled my core and re awakened a side of myself I can't ignore. It will all be a part of my work this Fall.