Unicorn Pilot

IMG_2434I think I would get in. Thanks Barry. Wherever you found this, it made my week. IMG_2432Unfortunately, I don't see many painted vans with unicorns driving around. What I do see are these annoying family stickers on the back of big cars. This family sticker has the extra bonus of mickey mouse ears and a license plate which says USA FAN from Nevada. Perfect. I saw this as I arrived from a seven hour drive from Los Angeles while listening to Sirius Radio talk shows in my rental car about the anti-Islamic video. It was pretty fascinating listening to people's opinions calling in from across the country. I mean...quite mind-boggling comments. If you have not seen this most ridiculous and poorly made video which has so sadly caused death and violence, these are a couple stills. I would laugh if it wasn't so sad....

It is a shocking and confusing time. I wish extreme religions would disappear and to those who followed, rediscover their higher loving self above all of this hate filled nonsense.  Maybe we could all follow the unicorn back to the infinite golden planet of utopia while I am at. Giddyup