Stargardt & Pancakes

This morning over pancakes, I spoke with a lovely man named Marchus who has a rare  condition called, Stargardt. Since meeting Marchus a year ago and working with the blind, I have wanted to somehow make work surrounding the topic of sight. Marchus has slight peripheral vision and everything in the middle is unclear. What he sees are constant moving shapes and colors. Marchus openly shared about what it was like losing his normal vision at seventeen, the gifts it has brought him, how he experiences everything from art (he was blown away by Frida Kahlo's show at the MOMA) and making his music.  Marchus talked about his "third eye" which is his real tool in gathering information and trusting his instincts within his surroundings and the people around him. I asked Marchus what he would like to experience more in art and he mentioned a sense of smell. I asked what type of smells in particular and he mentioned leaves; "leaves in a forest which change constantly depending on light". Pine, cedar and frankincense are his favorites. Diamonds on Baldi-13This photograph from a work in progress