To not Flinch; in front of State Bird Provisions

Last night my friend Christina and I went to dinner to celebrate our six years since moving home to San Fransisco. We walked down Fillmore Street looking for a spot to dine. Knowing State Bird Provisions would be near impossible, I at least wanted to show Christina the space. This restaurant is now one of the top rated in the country...and for good reason. We stood outside and looked at the nightly menu when a young man quickly came out and asked us to join his cousin and himself. Their friends had cancelled and knowing how coveted a seat is, they thought it would only be foodie sensitive to share the table. Though totally unusual, it was a must. We sat and ate and talked until closing at midnight. Jack said he would have never done what he did so spontaneously if he had not read, The Flinch(free on Amazon). These guys were bright, kind and open to the world. Paul in fact had one bag next to him which included all he currently owns. He has become a nomad and wants to travel the world for a while. Ever so humbly, Paul mentioned his start up and his TED Talk. Are you kidding me? Such an SF moment. This evening was a yummy and spirited gift. Paul DeJoe's talk is great.