Garry Winogrand by Tod Papageorge

Last night at the SFMOMA, the teacher, writer and photographer, Tod Papageorge gave a talk on the artist, Garry Winogrand (1928-1984). The way these artists met was true Kismet.  One day Papageorge is an aspiring young photographer living in San Francisco admiring Winogrand's work in print, the next in a museum in New York, the artist himself outside after an opening shyly observing from afar, in a train station where he approaches him to ask to sit for a quick coffee and next thing you know, Tod is invited over to the artist's apartment to look at his work prints. Tod finally ends up roaming the streets of NYC with Winogrand every day making pictures and becoming lifelong friends. Forty some-odd years later, here he is standing in front of a podium speaking on his friends' behalf with a HUGE retrospective of Winogrands' work being shown upstairs. It felt like I was witnessing history unfold. Papageorge spoke with so much love, humor, admiration and passion for Winogrand. I walked away with a deeper appreciation of Winogrands' ability to disappear in the moment with his camera. There was a metaphysical connection when creating these "masterpieces".Garry W Bronx ZooAbove: Bronx Zoo, 1978. One of the photographs Papageorge spent the most time speaking about. A Rhino in a zoo who's horn has been removed meeting the eyes of another soul whose ancestors were also pulled from home. Garry W 1978Above: 1978. In Papageorge's opinion, one of the greatest street photographs ever taken. Winogrand LA 1969          Above: Los Angeles, 1969 TO VIEW MORE WORKS