Love has the Power to Overwhelm Everything

proof of heaven -1                                                             Yellow Moon. October 2013

A significant event this year was an evening listening to Dr. Eben Alexander speak on his account of passing from Life into the Afterlife. I was within a room full of doctors, scientists and spiritual seekers near Stanford University. We sat in front of a 60 year old neurosurgeon and former atheist who could not believe himself what he had experienced. He clearly was there because he witnessed the invaluable lesson of love which goes beyond the rational mind. Nothing gets me more overwhelmingly inspired than honest courage from a changed heart.

Alexander recovered from a coma which by all scientific explanation should have killed him. What he felt and saw as he moved away from this lifetime was so clearly etched in his memory as if it had happened in full consciousness. Scientifically, his brain was in a state completely incapable of storing this memory. He firmly believes this experience was stored in another space within him. As a scientist and atheist, Alexander kept reiterating how difficult this all was to him for a long time.

It is impossible to encapsulate what Alexander described because he himself said it was so beyond any words and sounds trite. He spoke beautifully however and goose-bumps kept popping up all over my body. Alexander affirmed what I deeply  hope to connect within my life and art. I crave to remember that life is short yet infinite when I let go of fear and live with love and light. Darkness triggers my brain but it can not overcome my spirit.

On Alexander's passage into the Afterlife, he describes entering into an immense void completely dark and infinite in size. He rode on what can only be explained as colored butterfly wings. As he moved into the core, "the light was brighter than a million stars. The pure white light seemed to come from a brilliant orb with mirrored reflections where he was slowly spinning to the music of sacred acoustics."

He felt like a “fetus in a womb floating within an invisible mother.” Mother was God the creator and the source who is responsible for the making the universe and all in it. He said he felt as if he was being born into a larger world and all he felt was complete warmth, comfort and love. There was a woman sitting with him. She kept smiling with her eyes to not be afraid. This woman he later realized was a sister who had died and had never met…but that is another long part of the story.

Alexander felt that there was, “not one universe but many and love lay at the center of them all. The world of time and space in which we move in this terrestrial realm is tightly and intricately nestled within these higher worlds. The core realm in the outermost is a pure conceptual flow. All worlds are part of the same overarching Divine Reality. From these higher worlds one could access time or place infinitely.”

I keep thinking about what Alexander described as it connects to the key points in that which I have read from other Spiritual texts. He affirmed it is real, relevant and moreover, incredibly important for us to consider as we attempt to shift evil into love and let go of fear and the ego mind on this planet. As he said, "Fear is the basis of the badness. Love has the power to overwhelm everything. Language and that little voice is what get in the way. It should not run the show." As a neurosurgeon no less who always relied on science, he now encouraged not getting caught up in the 3lb gelatin brain. We dumb things down when we manifest self-will. I have heard this before but I can never try to practice this enough. So where do I go instead? I start with breathing more deeply, meditating, living with gratitude, looking to those who live as givers of generous love and asking my heart what I truly desire in this short lifetime. It is still beyond me that I have this opportunity.

Excerpts taken from Eben Alexanders' 2013 Presentation and Proof of Heaven, A Neurosurgeons Journey into the Afterlife.