Artist in Residency


blue oak treeOut beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field. I'll meet you there. -Rumi

I begin 2014 with two months at Chalk Hill Artist Residency in the Alexander Valley of California. The program grants me with a charming home and a barn studio on 265 acres along the Russian River. Alice, the fifth generation of Warneckes running the ranch is an artist (Alice's Art) stemming from a lineage of great creative talent. Alice and her Aunt Margo realized what an exceptional place they could open to artists. Quiet and solitude manifest thoughts, visions and inspiration. The songstress Carol King says she is mere portal for the music which comes to her. With no distractions, a residency can completely assist such work.

During the first week in my new bedroom, a bright full moon came through the window awaking me at dawn. It took until I finally got myself out of bed and walked to the window to realize what the white light actually was. Being turned around like I was that morning explains how it feels to pull out of familiar life and distractions. This residency has quickly become another opportunity to learn more about how I look at the world. I chose to re calibrate my perspective after that moon. It felt like she was poking at my psyche saying, ‘Wake up and Be Who You Are.” I am reminded that I live for these sort of experiences. I had forgotten how alive I felt in India for two months or driving around Ireland alone for the same amount of time. This is rare, unique and a privilege.  Before I arrived I feared I was taking too much time away. Now, I keep wondering what took me so long to get here. Tonight is a New Moon. The Moon is Feminine. The moon will be my keeper for my second month along the river.

BELOW is a visual sense of what I have been up to. The big camera and old-fashioned film gets pulled out starting tomorrow.

breakfast with Rose

First morning breakfast with my rose quartzDuck eggs & duck eggs

morning view

front porch

Above: Morning views

barnabove: Studio

gold rockwork in progress

above: inside the studio


back home ten steps for lunch

forrest chapelabove: run up to check out light in Forrest Chapel

bay treeswalk down to the river....



river2new moon river-3river4

good materialabove: bringing home some ancient artifacts

Fools Goldabove: rocks for piece called Fools Gold

napabove: my favorite time of day to read and daydream

forrest at nightabove: night walk to the Forrest Chapel

moon5above: full moon wake up at dawn

new blue moonI will be in the Forrest chapel way up there in the trees this evening gettin my New Moon ceremony on....