Listen with the soul-hearing now

Fire in Face"Whatever wisdom I have espied on my travels to odd places and unusual people, I learned to shelter, for sometimes old father Academe, like Chronos, still has the inclination to eat the children before they become either curative or astonishing. That sort of over intellectualization obscures the patterns of the Wild Woman and the instinctual nature of women. So, to further our kinship relationship with the instinctual nature, it assists greatly if we understand stories as though we are inside them, rather than as though they are outside of us. We enter into a story; through the door of inner hearing...

Ancient dissections spoke of the auditory nerve being divided into three or more pathways deep in the brain. The surmised that the ear was meant, therefore, to hear at three different levels. One pathway was said to hear the mundane conversations of the world. A second pathway apprehended learning and art. And the third pathway existed so that the soul itself might hear guidance and gain knowledge while here on earth.

Listen then with the soul-hearing now, for that is the mission of story."

- Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Women Who Run With the Wolves